Support and development and consultancy services to charities and voluntary groups…

These are some of the services we can offer you.  However, a free, confidential introductory meeting or phone call will enable us to clearly identify your needs and propose how best to meet them.

NEW!  In partnership with Creating Space for You we have an exciting new joint programme for Chairs and Chief Executives;

“Creating Space for Collaborative Leadership”

This bespoke programme with pair each Chair and Chief Executive with either Richard Wells or Angela Portz. Between us we have experience in coaching, mentoring, mediation, leadership and more!  We will work with you individually and as a pair to enable you to get the most out of your critical relationship and work collaboratively to enhance the leadership of your organisation.

Get in touch now for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you create space to lead.

External Supervision and Mentoring

  • Would you welcome help in negotiating your way through external partnership development and relationship building?
  • Would you like to talk in confidence about where your organisation goes next?
  • Do you have a knotty problem that needs unravelling?

External supervision and mentoring is a means of making sure that key staff and volunteers receive the regular and professional support they need in order to carry out their duties effectively.  It is particularly appropriate for staff in front line roles, for example those who are supporting vulnerable people or groups facing challenging situations and for those who have a substantial degree of responsibility, such as Chairs of Boards of Trustees or Management Committees.

The supervision or mentoring relationship provides a confidential opportunity for the individual to reflect on their practice and receive guidance and support from an experienced practitioner in the same or similar field; someone who knows your situation, can empathise and offer ideas.

External supervision and mentoring can be particularly helpful, especially if your organisation has not yet developed the capacity or expertise to offer support of this type. We can provide an external supervisor with the skills and experience to understand and help you.


Our coaching services offer you a listening ear and constructive support from an experienced, non-directive coach.  Our non-judgemental, confidential and practical sessions will help you and your organisation to survive and thrive!  You may wish to be coached around a one-off situation or challenge, or develop a longer term coaching relationship.

Interim Management

  • Does your organisation rely on one or two key people?
  • How do you cope if they are ill or on extended leave?
  • Could an experienced, interim manager support your organisation?

We can find you the right person to step in; they will hold the fort and more, according to what you decide  you want from the arrangement.  From several days, to weeks, to longer term assignments. At affordable rates, this service could be a lifeline in unexpected situations.

Talk to us now about planning for this possibility before the unexpected becomes reality.

Charity Business Review

  • Are you struggling to determine your future direction?
  • Think you know where you need to be but not sure how to get there?

From board development to financial review, we all need a bit of help from time to time.  Talk to us about what you need and let’s see how we can work together.   From one-off workshops to longer-term support, we can help.

Make contact now for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help with any of the above services.